Its name means “twin peaks” and refers to the two hills on either side of the historical centre whereupon two massive Venetian Fortresses, the Old and the New, with their moats and impressive battlements remind visitors of the island’s glorious past. Due to its strategic location, Corfu Island had always been the apple of discord among various conquerors who strived to establish their colonies and thereby gave Corfu its cosmopolitan grace. Dating from ancient times, the Corinthians, Romans, Byzantines, to more recent times, the Venetians, Russians, French and the British all left their marks in Corfu Town and gave it a multicultural character so alluring that captures all your senses. Corfu Town is a living museum that you can see, walk, smell, taste, hear and touch.

What is intriguing about this Venetian-built historic site is that every step you take through the winding narrow alleys called ‘kantounia’, every scent coming from the basil and jasmine that adorn almost every window ledge and doorstep, the sweet sound of philharmonic orchestras rehearsing and the welcoming smile of the locals will undoubtedly charm you.

There is so much to discover and do in and around Corfu Town that time will be your only issue. Interesting museums, like the Archeological and Byzantine or the Asian Art museum, countless churches including the prominent St. Spyridon church, the island’s patron saint, fine restaurants with local specialties, lively cafes in majestic Liston Square.

There you can also catch a cricket match in action, cozy bars and numerous little shops offering everything from high fashion items to traditional souvenirs are some options from the broad spectrum of experiences Corfu Town has to offer. One thing is certain: the moment you leave Corfu you will want to come back again.